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Rambling on my mind…


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‘One fine autumn day last year, an old friend and I caught a train from Marylebone station up to Princes Risborough, to go for a ramble out to Chequers (the British Prime Minister’s retreat in the Buckinghamshire countryside).

This picture was taken from some high ground on the way back, with the sun slowly sinking in the west.

Camera used was a Panasonic Lumix LZ-1 digital compact.’

I’ve lifted the italicised text above directly from the equivalent photo in my flickr account, and that ‘fine autumn day’ was in fact the 7th October, 2006. I still do a fair bit of rambling, mostly with workmates in Hampshire now, but for the initial post in this occasional blog, it seemed appropriate to give some background to the ‘Background Image’ itself, so here it is ;).

Incidentally, the ‘old friend’ alluded to in the text, used to live in Finsbury Park in north London, and we’ve known each other for over twenty years. We’ve a shared history of not only country rambles, but also countless jazz gigs, mostly in Soho, and on the South Bank in London…but he moved up to North Yorkshire a couple of years ago to keep an eye on his elderly mum, so although we do keep in touch, our paths rarely cross nowadays.

Anyway, that’s quite enough rambling for this post methinks… ;).


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