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Rambling off, and rambling on…

So, that’s it for another year, and the end of the road for this particular blog. There will be another, at a different WordPress address, coincident with the start of the Chinese New Year on 31 January 2014…

All that remains for me now though is to say thank you to a few loyal visitors to this site over the past twelve months, specifically to gpcox, Frivolous Monsters, and to my sister Chris…a very Happy New Year to you all :).

Rambling on, on Southsea seafront this morning...

Rambling on, on Southsea seafront this morning…


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6 thoughts on “Rambling off, and rambling on…

  1. Great to see you back around!!

  2. Thank you, and a belated Happy July 4th :). I’ve mostly been posting stuff to Instagram for the past 18 months, but I’ll shortly be reviving one of my WordPress blogs, so we may have more contact through that. All the best 🙂

  3. Good to see you out and about in Blogsville again. Will you be returning to this site to post?

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